A set of top Computer Science blogs

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This started out as a list of top Computer Science blogs, but it more closely resembles a set: the order is irrelevant and there are no duplicate elements; membership of this set of blogs satisfies all of the following conditions:

  1. they are written by computer scientists and focus on computer science research;
  2. they are of consistently high quality;
  3. I regularly read them.

N.B. I have deliberately excluded blogs primarily focusing on computer science education (for another time).

  • The Endeavour by John D. Cook (@JohnDCook)

    John’s blog cuts across using computing, programming and mathematics to solve real-world problems, pulling in his wide expertise as a mathematics professor, programmer, consultant, manager and statistician. Some great posts across the technical and socio-technical spectrum. Also runs a number of useful Twitter tip accounts, including @CompSciFact, @UnixToolTip, @RegexTip and @TeXtip.

  • Serious Engineering by Anthony Finkelstein (@profserious)

    Anthony is Dean of the Faculty of…

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Algorithms – The 0/1 Knapsack Problem – Dynamic Programming method

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Okay, I didn’t see that James had made a video about the very same subject. Great minds think alike I guess? Sigh. Well, here it is: The Dynamic Programming method for solving a 0/1 Knapsack Problem explained, in depth, by me in under 11 minutes!

Bug 1: Ignore the “The cell with the green circle around has a capacity of” blah blah etc. because I uploaded the wrong version ._. The green circle should be around cell (3,1).
Bug 2: I circle item ‘1’ when I should circle item ‘3’ at the end when we’re going through the keep array. I fail.
Bug 3: I say ‘2’ somewhere instead of ‘3’. See if you can spot it.

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